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Standard construction documents abbreviations references

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Good quality Car UVC Air purifier for sales
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Standard construction documents abbreviations references
Standard construction documents abbreviations references

Historically, abbreviations were used frequently in construction documents as part of standard practice. They were part of the drawing symbology, but led to errors of interpretation by contractors. Since today, CADD drawing text is fast to input and is legible, abbreviations are strictly prohibited unless they are absolutely necessary due to space limitations, or they increase readability, such as in schedules.
If you use abbreviations, you should follow these rules:
1. Use upper case lettering, without periods
2. Do not use spaces within an abbreviation
3. Use same abbreviations for singular or plural
The abbreviations listed below are compiled from Architectural Graphic Standards, 1912, 1951, and 1956, Time Saver Standards, 1966, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Drafting Standards, 1986, Holabird & Root Drafting Standards, 1987, Nagle Hartray & Associates Standards, 1989, Murphy/Jahn Office Reference Manual, 1973, Braun/Skiba Standards Manual, 1990, Recommended Standards on Production Procedures (the so-called “POP Manual”), Northern California Chapter AIA, 1980, Graphic Communication in Architecture, William J. O’Connell, 1972, Interior Graphic and Design Standards, S.C. Reznikoff, 1986. Note that there are many differences between abbreviation standards between firms as well as between authors.

2-PSS: Two-Part Polysulfide Sealant
2-PUMS: Two-Part Polyurethane Modified Sealant
@ At (the rate of)
& And
” Inch; Ditto (which means “same as above”)
# Number. or Pound
[circle with diagonal slash through it] Diameter, Round, Phase
A: Area, Ampere; Acre; Alcove; Compressed Air Line
AB: Anchor Bolt; Asbestos Board
ABV: Above
AC: Air Conditioning, Alternating Current, Acoustical
ACC: Access
ACF: Architectural Concrete Finish
ACFL: Access Floor
ACI: American Concrete Institute
ACL: Across the Line
ACOUST: Acoustical
ACPL: Acoustical Plaster
ACR: Acrylic
ACST: Acoustic
ACT: Acoustical Tile; Actual
AD: Access Door, Area Drain
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992
ADAAG: Americans with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines
ADD: Addendum; Addition
ADDL: Additional
ADH: Adhesive
ADJ: Adjust, Adjustable, Adjacent
AF: Above the Floor
AFF: Above Finished Floor
AGA: American Gas Association
AGG: Aggregate
AGGR: Aggregate
AIA: American Institute of Architects, American Insurance Association
AIC: Amperes Interrupting Circuit
AIEE: American Institute of Electrical Engineers
AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction
AL: Aluminum
ALM: Alarm
ALT: Alternate, Alteration; Altitude
ALUM: Aluminum
ALS: Acrylic Latex Sealant
AMB: Ambient
AMP: Ampere, Ampacity
AMPY: Ampere
AMT: Amount
AN: Anode
ANCH: Anchor, Anchorage
ANN: Annunciator
ANOD: Anodized
ANT: Antenna
AP: Access Panel
APPD: Approved
APPROX: Approximate
APRVD: Approved
APT: Apartment
APX: Approximate
AR: Acid Resisting
ARCH: Architect, Architectural
ARS: Asbestos Roof Shingles
AS: Acoustic Sealant
ASB: Asbestos
ASC: Above Suspended Ceiling
ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASPH: Asphalt
ASSEM: Assemble
ASSOC: Association; Associate
ASSY: Assembly
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
AT: Acoustical Tile; Asphalt Tile
ATC: Acoustical Tile Ceiling
ATTEN: Attenuation
ATM: Automatic Teller Machine; Atmospheric
AUTH: Authorized
AUTO: Automatic
AVG: Average
AW: Acid Waste
AWG: American Wire Gauge
AWM: Automatic Washing Machine
AWS: American Welding Society
AWWA: American Water Works Association
AX: Axis
B: Boiler, Bathroom, Bidet
B TO B: Back to Back
B & B: Balled and Burlapped, Bell and Bell
B & F: Bell and Flange
B & S: Bell and Spigot, Brown & Sharp
B/: Bottom (of)
BBD: Bulletin Board
BA: Bulb Angle
BAL: Balance, Ballast
BAF: Baffle
BB: Buffalo Box, Ball Bearing,, Bulletin Board
BBL: Barrel
BC: Broom Closet
BD: Board, Blow Down (pipe)
BDL: Bundle
BDY: Boundary
BDRM: Bedroom
BEL: Below
BET: Between
BETW: Between
BEV: Bevel
BF: Board Foot, Back Face, Bottom Face, Both Faces, Boiler Feed
BG: Bag (e.g., of cement)
BHP: Brake Horsepower
BHD: Bulkhead
BIT: Bituminous
BJF: Bituminous Joint Filler
BKR: Breaker
BL: Base Line, Building Line, Block
BLDG: Building
BLK: Block
BLKG: Blocking
BLO: Blower
BLR: Boiler
BLT: Borrowed Lite, Bullet Tips (Hinges)
BLT-IN: Built-In
BM: Beam, Bench Mark
BMT: Butyl Mastic Tape Sealant
BN: Bullnose
BNDG: Bending (re-bars)
BNT: Bent
BO: Blow Off
BOT: Bottom
BP: Base Plate, Blueprint, Bypass
BPL: Bearing Plate
BR: Bedroom, Brick, Brass, Boiler Room Branch
BRDG: Bridge, Bridging
BRG: Bearing
BRK: Brick
BRKR: Breaker
BRKT: Bracket
BRS: Butyl Rubber Sealant, Brass
BRZ: Bronze
BRZG: Brazing
BS: Both Sides, Backset, Bluestone
BSMT: Basement
BT: Bathtub, Bolt
BTR: Better
BTU: British Thermal Units
BTUH: British Thermal Units per Hour
BUR: Built-up Roof
BUZ: Buzzer
BV: Butterfly Valve
BVL: Bevelled
BW: Both Ways
BWV: Back Water Valve
BYP: By Pass
C: Courses, Curb, Channel, Degrees Celsius, Clock Outlet, Calcimine
C/C: Center to Center
C TO C: Center to Center
CA: Compressed Air
CAB: Cabinet
CAD: Cadmium, Computer-Aided Drafting
CAIS: Caisson
CAP: Capacity
CAR: Carpet
CARP: Carpenter
CAT: Catalog
CAV: Cavity
CB: Catch Basin, Concrete Block,
Cast Brass, Coal Bin
CBL: Concrete Block
CBX: Cast Box Strike
CC: Cubic Centimeter
CCT: Circuit
CCW: Counter Clockwise
CCTV: Closed Circuit TV
CD: Cold Drawn, Cadmium
CDS: Cold Drawn Steel
CEL: Cellar
CEM: Cement
CEM AB: Cement Asbestos Board
Cem P: Cement Water Paint
CER: Ceramic
CF: Cubic Feet
CFL: Counterflashing
CFM: Cubic Feet per Minute
CFS: Cubic Feet per Second
CFT: Cubic Foot
CG: Corner Guard
CH: Coat Hook
CHB: Chalk Board
CHR: Chilled Water Return
CHAM: Chamfer
CHAN: Channel
CHBD: Chalkboard
CHS: Chilled Water Supply
C.I.: Cast Iron
CI: Cast Iron
CIN BL: Cinder Block
CIP: Cast Iron Pipe, Cast-in-Place
CIR: Circle, Circular, Circuit
CIRC: Circumference
CISP: Cast Iron Soil/sewer Pipe
CITG: Clear Insulating Tempered Glass
CJ: Control Joint
CJF: Cork Joint Filler
CK: Caulking
CKT: Circuit
CL: Centerline, Clearance, Closing, Closure, Class, Closet
CLG: Ceiling
CLKG: Caulking
CLH: Clothes Line Hook
CLL: Contract Limit Line
CLO: Closet
CLP: Clamp
CLR: Clear
CLR OPG: Clear Opening
CLS: Closure
CM: Circular Mil (1/1000 inch),
Center Matched
CMP: Corrugated Metal Pipe
CMT: Ceramic Mosaic Tile
CMU: Concrete Masonry Unit
CMUP: Concrete Masonry Unit Painted
CND: Condition, Conduit
CNDS: Condensate
CNTR: Center, Counter
CNVR: Conveyor
COAX: Coaxial
C.O.: Cased Opening
CO: Company, Cleanout, Cased Opening, Cut Out
COD: Cleanout Door
CO & DP: Cleanout & Deck Plate
COEF: Coefficient
COL: Column
COM: Common
COMB: Combination, Combustion
COML: Commercial
COMM ED: Commonwealth Edison
COMP: Composition, Compressed
COMPO: Composition
COMPT: Compartment
CON: Construction
CONC: Concrete
CONCP: Concrete Painted
COND: Condenser, Conduit
CONN: Connection
CONST: Construction
CONSTR: Construction
CONT: Continuous, Continue, Control
CONTR: Contractor
CONV: Convector, Convenience
COP: Copper
COR: Corner, Corridor
CORR: Corridor, Corrugate
COV: Cover
CP: Cathodic Protection, Clothes Pole, Cesspool
CPE: Chlorinated Polyethylene
CPL: Cement Plaster
CPP: Cement Plaster Painted
CPR: Copper
CPT: Carpet
CR: Chromium (plated), Curtain Rod
CRPT: Carpet
CRS: Course, Cold Rolled Steel
CS: Countersink, Cast Steel, Cast Stone, Commercial Standard
CSG: Casing
CSK: Countersink
CSMT: Casement
CSN: Caisson
CSS: Countersunk Screw
CSTG: Casting
CT: Ceramic Tile, Cork Tile,
Cone Tip (hinges)
CTD: Coated
CTR: Center, Counter
CTSC: Communications Systems Terminal Cabinet
CTSK: Countersunk
CTWT: Counterweight
CU: Copper, Cubic, Coefficient of Utilization
CU. FT.: Cubic Feet
CU. YD.: Cubic Yard
CUR: Current
CV: Check Valve
CW: Clockwise, Cold Water
CWP: Circulating Water Pump
CWR: Condensate Waste Return
CWS: Condensate Waste Supply
CY: Cubic Yard, Cycle
CYL: Cylinder
CYL L: Cylinder Lock
D: Deep, Depth, Drop, Drain
D & M: Dressed & Matched
DA: Double Acting
DB: Decibel
DBL: Double
DBT: Drybulb Temperature
DC: Direct Current
DCV: Detector Check Valve
DD: Driveway Drain, Deck Drain
DEG: Degree
DEGC: Degree Celcius
DEGF: Degree Farenheit
DEM: Demolish
DEMO: Demolition
DEP: Dpressed
DEPT: Department
DET: Detail
DF: Drinking Fountain
DH: Double Hung
DIAG: Diagonal
DIA: Diameter
DIAM: Diameter
DIFF: Diffuser
DIM: Dimension
DISL: Disposal
DISP: Dispenser
DIV: Division
DL: Dead Load
DMH: Drop Manhole
DMT: Demountable
DN: Down
DO: Ditto, or Door Opening
DP: Dampproofing, Dew Point, Distribution Panel
DPDT: Double Pole Double Throw
DPST: Double Pole Single Throw
DPR: Damper
DR: Door, Drain, Dining Room
DRBD: Drainboard
DS: Downspout, Disconnect Switch, Door Switch
DSP: Dry Standpipe
DT: Drain Tile
DTL: Detail
DVTL: Dovetail
DW: Dumbwaiter, Distilled Water
DWG: Drawing
DWGS: Drawings
DWL: Dowel
DWP: Drywall, Painted
DWR: Drawer
DS: Downspout
DSP: Dry Standpipe
DX: Direct Expansion, Duplex
E: East, Enamel, Exhaust
E TO E: End to End
EA: Each
EB: Expansion Bolt
EC: Exposed Construction
ECC: Eccentric
ECP: Exposed Construction Painted
EDR: Equivalent Direct Radiation
EE: Each End
EF: Each Face
EFTS: Expanding Foam Tape Sealant
EG: Edge Grain
EIFS: Exterior Insulation and Finish System
EJ: Expansion Joint
EJECT: Ejector
EL: Elevation, Elevator
ELB: Elbow

ELEC: Electrical
ELECT: Electrical
ELEV: Elevator, Elevation
ELP: Emergency Lighting Panel
EM: Emergency
EMER: Emergency
ENAM: Enamel
ENCL: Enclosure
ENG: Engineer
ENGR: Engineer
ENJF: Expanded Neoprene Joint Filler
ENT: Entrance
ENTR: Entrance
EP: Electrical Panelboard, Explosion Proof
EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
EPJF: Expanded Polyethelene Joint Filler
EQ: Equal
EQP: Equipment
EQPT: Equipment
EQUIP: Equipment
ERP: Emergency Receptacle Panel
ESC: Escalator
EST: Estimate
EVAP: Evaporator
EW: Each Way
EWC: Electric Water Cooler
EW & C: Electric Wiring and Communication
EWH: Electric Water Heater
EX: Exposed Construction, Exit
EXC: Excavate
EXCAV: Excavate
EXEC: Executive
EXG: Existing
EXH: Exhaust
EXH AIR: Exhaust Air
EXIST: Existing
EXP: Expansion, Exposed
EXPN: Expansion
EXPP: Existing Patched and Painted
EXS: Extra Strong
EXT: Exterior, Extinguish
EXTR: Extrude
F: Degrees Fahrenheit, Fuse
F TO F: Face to Face
FA: Fire Alarm, Fresh Air
FAB: Fabricate
FABR: Fabricate
FACP: Fire Alarm Control Panel
FAG: Fire Alarm Gong
FAO: Finish All Over
FAR: Floor Area Ratio
FAST: Fastener, Fasten
FB: Flat Bar, Face Brick, Floor Box
FBD: Fiberboard
FBM: Foot Board Measure
FBP: Fabric Panel
FBRK: Fire Brick
FC: File Cabinet, Foot Candle, Fault Current
FD: Floor drain
FDC: Fire Department Connection
FDN: Foundation
FDTN: Foundation
FE: Fire Extinguisher
FEC: Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
FF: Far Face, Finished Floor, Factory Finish
FFE: Finished Floor Elevation
FF&E: Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment
FFL: Finished Floor Line
FGL: Fiberglass
FGR: Fiberglass reinforced
FH: Flat Head, Fire Hose
FHC: Fire Hose Cabinet
FHMS: Flat head machine screw
FHR: Fire Hose Rack
FHS: Fire Hose Station
FHWS: Flat Head Wood Screw
FHY: Fire Hydrant
FIL: Fillet
FIN: Finish, finished
FITG: Fitting
FIX: Fixture
FIXT: Fixture
FL: Floor, Fire Line
FLASH: Flashing
FLG: Flooring
FLEX: Flexible
FLG: Flange, Flashing, Flooring
FLR: Floor
FLUOR: Fluorescent
FLX: Flexible
FM: Fire Main, Factory Mutual Company
FND: Feminine Napkin Dispenser, Foundation
FO: Finished Opening
FOB: Free On Board
FOC: Face of Concrete
FOF: Face of Finish
FOS: Face of Studs
FP: Fireproof
FPL: Fireplace
FPM: Feet per minute
FPRF: Fireproof
FPS: Feet per Second
FR: Frame, Front, Fire Riser
FRG: Forged
FRM: Frame
FRPF: Fireproof
FRT: Fire Retardant
FS: Full Size, Far Side, Federal Standards, Fused Switch, Floor Sink
FSCW: Flush Solid Core Wood
FT: Foot, Feet, Fully Tempered
FTG: Footing, Fitting
FUR: Furred
FURN: Furnish, Furniture
FURR: Furring
FUT: Future
FVC: Fire Valve Cabinet
G: Gas, Girder, Gutter, Gram
GA: Gauge, Gage
GAGE: Gauge
GAL: Gallon
GALV: Galvanized
GB: Grab Bar, Glass Block, Gypsum Board
GC: General Contractor
GCMU: Glazed Concrete Masonry Unit
GD: Guard, Grade, Gutter Drain
GEN: General, Generator
GENL: General
GF: Ground Face
GFCI: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupted
GFI: Ground Fault Interrupted
GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
GI: Galvanized Iron
GKT: Gasket
GL: Glass
GL BLK: Glass Block
GLB: Glass Block
GLVA: Globe Valve
GLZ: Glaze
GMU: Glazed Masonry Unit
GND: Ground
GOVT: Government
GP: Galvanized Pipe
GPDW: Gypsum Drywall
GPH: Gallons Per Hour
GPL: Gypsum Lath
GPM: Gallons Per Minute
GPP: Gypsum Plaster Painted
GPPL: Gypsum Plaster
GPS: Gallons Per Second
GR: Grade, Grille, Granite
GRAN: Granular, Granite
GRND: Ground
GRTG: Grating
GSS: Galvanized Sheet Steel
GSU: Glazed Structural Unit
GT: Grout
GV: Galvanized
GVA: Gate Valve
GVL: Gravel
GYP: Gypsum
GYP BD: Gypsum Board
H: High
HA: Hectare
HB: Hose Bib
HBD: Hardboard
HC: Hollow Core, Handicapped (better called Accessible”)
HCT: Hollow Clay Tile
HD: Head, Heavy Duty
HDCP: Handicapped (better called “Accessible”)
HDN: Harden
HDR: Header
HDW: Hardware
HDWD: Hardwood
HDWE: Hardware
HEX: Hexagonal
HGR: Hanger
HGT: Height
HH: Handhole
HHMB: Hex Head Machine Bolt
HID: High Intensity Discharge
HK: Hook or Hooks
HKD: Hooked (re-bars)
HL: Hydrant Line
HM: Hollow Metal
HMP: Hollow Metal, Painted
HNCG: Hollow Neoprene Compression Gasket
HOR: Horizontal
HORIZ: Horizontal
HOSP: Hospital
HP: High Point, High Pressure, Horse Power
HPS: High Pressure Sodium, High Pressure Steam
HR: Hour
HRS: Hot Rolled Steel, Hours
HS: Heat Strengthened
HSG: Housing
HT: Height, Heat, High Tension Duct
HTG: Heating
HTR: Heater
HTW: High Temperature Water
HV: High Voltage
HVAC: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
HVY: Heavy
HW: Hot Water, Heavy Wall
HWC: Hot Water Circulating, Heavy Wall Conduit
HWD: Hardwood
HWH: Hot Water Heater
HWR: Hot Water Recirculating Return
HWS: Hot Water Supply
HWY: Highway
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